AmphetaDesk::OS::Linux - GUI routines for Linux (CLI only)


    gui_init();          # start the gui.
    gui_listen();        # listen for gui events.
    gui_note("text");    # send log info to the GUI.
    open_url();          # open a browser to a preset URL.


This module handles all the GUI routines for Linux, which admittedly, do absolutely nothing besides spit some text to STDOUT. Ultimately, we'd throw TK wrappers in here, perhaps curses, etc. Likewise, the open_url could be made aware of specific browsers and the command lines that can be used.


This routine loads specific libraries specific to the OS and attempts to do everything necessary to start up a GUI window. Under Linux, this routine does nothing but return 1, although it could start up curses, Tk, or other GUI based libraries (we'd still want console support though - we love the CLI, hate the GUI).
This routine checks the GUI's event queue to see if there is anything that needs to be done. If so, it does them (wow!). Under Linux, this does nothing but return 1. Ultimately, it'd check for Tk mouseclicks, etc.
Much like AmphetaDesk::Utilities::note, only this routine specifically handles sending the $text to the GUI window. Under Linux, we just spit it to STDOUT, but a Tk handler would spit it to a status window, etc. This routine always returns 1.
This routine uses OS specific code to open the user's default or specified browser with the standard AmphetaDesk URL. Since it's nigh near impossible for us to figure out the default browser, much less the path to said browser in Linux, we simply display a message telling the user what to do. This routine always returns 1.



Morbus Iff, <>


Copyright 2000-2004 Morbus Iff <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.