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Below, you'll find the latest notes concerning the current and next releases of AmphetaDesk. We may wax poetic every so often and just talk about the world of syndication, or other neat things that have happened in this neck of the woods. Whilst this page is in HTML and viewable through a browser, you may also get the news via AmphetaDesk (or any compatible viewer) by clicking here for it's RSS feed.

  AmphetaDesk v0.93.1 is now available. Released on October 31st 2002, this version arrives due to the results of a gentleman's poll on the amphetadesk-discuss mailing list concerning larger or quicker releases (quicker releases are preferred). AmphetaDesk v0.93.1 includes a junkload of bugfixes, shuts down some possible security issues, and features some minor tweaks and twiddles. Due to some of the security improvements, I consider this a required upgrade. Get it now or check out What's New.
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