Presspit and the Pendulum

AmphetaDesk has been highly praised in the media, discussions about the emerging world of syndication and aggregation technologies, and as an all-around good piece of software. Below, we collect all the mentions we know about, for both ego-enhancement and curiousity fulfillment. Know of one we're missing? Let us know!

Note: This portion is no longer updated. There are less egotistical things to do, no?

User Quotes

It takes no genius to realize that the success of a piece of software is dependent on usability, stability, and the love of the users. We've collected a few tasty responses from our mail box to share with you - each one brings a little more glee to the darkened closet we hole ourselves in. If you've got a comment, don't hesitate to email or give thanks.

Note: This portion is no longer updated. You damn users are too damn nice to me.