Disobey: Success Merit Laughter

Below, find an exhaustive list of where Disobey and its properties have been mentioned, be it paper, electronic or bathroom wall, as well as the pre-1998 web awards (remember those?) we've been ... "honored" with. There's a very good chance you'll find some broken links, as we've never verified them past their original addition (or, for that matter, care to hunt down the new URLs). As you can also tell, we eventually gave up the effort of maintaining this pit of teh ego: suffice to say, Disobey has been everywhere. It has also been imitated by Microsoft, who did a "Web Sites of the Living Dead" feature, 3Com, who took an idea from Devil Shat Nineteen, and various others who held dearly that maxim of sincerest imitation.

* = print       nwsp = newspaper
GS = Ghost Sites       NS = NetSlaves

The Year 2001

The Year 2000

  • 09/05: The Contra Costa Times for Ghost Sites
  • 08/31: London Guardian nwsp (foreign) for NetSlaves *
  • 06/28: Yahoo rates us as one of the most pop. Media 'zines.
  • 06/27: Berliner Zeitung nwsp (germany) for NetSlaves *
  • 06/??: WWWiz for NetSlaves
  • 06/??: Asian Business for NetSlaves *
  • 05/24: The Independant for ??? *
  • 05/15: Wall Street Journal for Netslaves
  • 05/??: Bizarre Magazine for Ghost Sites *
  • 04/??: CMJ New Music Monthly for Ghost Sites *
  • 04/??: Minneapolis Star Tribune nwsp for NetSlaves *
  • 03/??: The Com. Idiot's Gde to Ghosts & Hauntings for GS *
  • 02/06: Netsurfer Digest for NetSlaves
  • 01/19: The New York Times for NetSlaves
  • 01/06: Andover News for NetSlaves
  • 01/??: Multimedium for NetSlaves
  • 01/??: Sunday Times Magazine (britain) for NetSlaves *

The Year 1999

The Year 1998

The Year 1997

Even Earlier