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{| id="death-sleaze-index" class="wikitable" style="width:100%;"
{| id="death-sleaze-index" class="wikitable" style="width:100%;"
! Image !! style="width:50px;" | Time !! Notes
! style="width:160px" | Image !! style="width:50px;" | Time !! Notes
| [[File:Road Rage-2000-Still-01341.png|160px]] || class="unindexed" | 13:20  || '''Death by car crash, explosion (x3).'''
| [[File:Road Rage-2000-Still-01341.png|160px]] || class="unindexed" | 13:20  || '''Death by car crash, explosion (x3).'''

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Death and sleaze index

Death by: 1 [56:00]: car; 2, 3 [1:31:15]: fall from great height, car crash, explosion. Sleaze by: None.

Death and sleaze reference

Image Time Notes
Road Rage-2000-Still-01341.png 13:20 Death by car crash, explosion (x3).

Cars are shells around the flesh and obscure the actual death of a body: we see more damage to the vehicle than to the actual inhabitants. As such, we really only count "car deaths" when they're directly related to characters we know. Here, three cars explode (two of which clearly don't have anyone inside), but they're merely window-dressing to the actual car chase. We can probably assume three (or more) people died in the crash, but we don't really know for sure.

Road Rage-2000-Still-05604.png 56:00 Death by car.

"Death by being hit by car" is a mouthful, but we've been unable to find any equivalent shorthand version save for "death by car". This is still not the happiest answer - there's no apparent distinguishing a car crash vs. being hit by a car vs. being eaten by a car. For now, we're going to use "death by car crash" when something happens to the car (a sudden impact with a hard place, etc.) and "death by car" when something happens to a fleshing (such as being hit or run over). We'll revise as necessary when we get more data.

Road Rage-2000-Still-10714.png 1:06:35 Death by car crash, explosion.

We don't believe this was a death: you can survive a car roll, and the explosion was in the trunk area only.

Road Rage-2000-Still-13132.png 1:31:15 Death by fall from great height, car crash, explosion (x2).

Contrary to the first note above, this car crash involves major characters and their death is clearly evident.

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