Jack Frost 2

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Death and sleaze index

Death by:

Death and sleaze notes

Reference Time Notes
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00330.png 03:30 Death by gun (offscreen).
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00633.png 06:15 Death by glass.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00820.png 08:15 Sleaze by swimwear, butt.

Sleaze is one of the toughest things to accurately index as it is often far subtler than a life-changing event such as death. We tend to err on the side of caution: if we're going back and forth on whether something is sleazy, it probably should be classified as such. In this particular scene, we watch someone swimming and then emerging from a pool, backside to us. Since the whole "emerging from a pool" has been sleazed up in numerous other films (and commercials), we're slightly justified in saying that was a goal here. On the other hand, we don't classify background sunbathers as sleaze: they're not "doing anything", the camera isn't lingering lecherously, and there's no cues from other characters that we should be as lascivious as they are.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00904.png 09:00 Sleaze by nipples through clothing.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether hard nipples are happenstance or intended. Doesn't much matter for the index though.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00939.png 09:30 Sleaze by see-through, breasts.

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