Blood Widow

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Death and sleaze index

Death by: 1 [04:03]: knife; 2 [29:30]: knife, disembowelment, crushed head (insurance); 3, 4 [32:06]: knife, decapitation; 5 [45:57]: knife; 6 [52:23]: knife, dismemberment; 7 [1:05:29]: knife, decapitation; 8 [1:05:36]: knife; 9 [1:07:06]: knife, dismemberment, cat o' nine tails; 10 [1:07:57]: sickle. Sleaze by: 1 [25:11]: sex (unfulfilled); 2 [45:53]: breasts, death; 3 [1:09:26]: panties.

Death and sleaze reference

Image Time Notes
Blood Widow-2014-Still-00403.png 04:03 Death by knife.

The knife isn't seen, but is assumed based off the metallic sound effects and later kills by the Blood Widow.

Blood Widow-2014-Still-02511.png 25:11 Sleaze by sex (unfulfilled).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-02930.png 29:30 Death by knife, disembowelment, crushed head (insurance).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-03206.png 32:06 Death by knife, decapitation (x2).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-04553.png 45:53 Sleaze by breasts, death.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-04557.png 45:57 Death by knife.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-05223.png 52:23 Death by knife, dismemberment.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10529.png 1:05:29 Death by knife, decapitation.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10536.png 1:05:36 Death by knife.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10706.png 1:07:06 Death by knife, dismemberment, cat o' nine tails.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10757.png 1:07:57 Death by sickle.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10927.png 1:09:26 Sleaze by panties.

Laurie is unwillingly stripped to her panties by the Blood Widow at 55:32, but it was never blatantly lurid—our killer seemed more interested in the pain they were about to inflict. Later, as Laurie is crawling beneath the house, she and the camera seem to dwell on her backside as a focal point, and that's good enough intention for a sleaze index.

Blood Widow-2014-Still-11528.png 1:15:28 Death by pipe, beating, blunt force trauma.

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