CDs You Might Have Seen

CDs you might have seen recently in stores: Skinny Puppy: Remix - Distemper and Fatboy Slim: You've Come A Long Way, Baby.

Bye bye clip, self-image, and self-worth

A line of code deletes that hella annoying clip from Microsoft Office... "We will tell you how you really look from a stranger's point of view" - honest and to the point: just how confirms that you're ugly... Just imagine: You're lying in bed after a hard night of drinking when...

Furby == Evil?

Furby, that damned toy of the devil, calms us with its furry Mogwai look while they walk and dance - but just remember, they went bad for not one movie, but TWO...

Game Boy Color Coming Soon

Game Boy Color (otherwise known as "kick-ass") to be released on Nov. 23.


Dreamworks thinking about making a direct-to-video sequel to ANTZ... 14 months and the love is still going strong... Turner Classic Movies will no longer air R-rated films starting Jan. 1st due to criticism about their editting job - guess that means no more LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM.

Eh-oh! Tubby Custard!

Jeffrey Veen at Webmonkey praises low bandwidth... The world finally figures out that most net users can't watch video - whether it be streaming or Quicktime... Giant Teletubbies shop: TeletubbyLand opens at 767 Fifth Avenue in NYC - larger than life 'tubbies and magical escalators abound... The question still remains: do we really need another ADDAMS FAMILY?

Sally Jessy Behind The Scenes

Sally Jessy Raphael has begun to air behind-the-scenes segments with their broadcasts - all segments of guests rehearsing their lines mysteriously absent.

Microsoft Fouls

Microsoft (what the hell is up with all this Microsoft news?) gets all pissed about Netscape Communicator 4.5 changing IE's setting for a home page - "[they're trying] to change the way IE works".

Slug, Ung, and Burn

Microsoft recruits sea slugs with the Univ. of Wash. to design smarter computer systems - only Microsoft would use slugs to speed things up... Old news but still: why the hell is Master P singing "Kenny's Dead"? - ungggggggggh!!... More Microsoft employees at Burning Man than current Wired employees.

Nudity, boobies, and sex!

Mormon video store to edit out TITANIC nude footage for customers (hey, we're not a network without news of TITANIC)... Wonder how MTV's website has been doing since they staged that phony hack awhile back... Sadly, is still making news.


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