Wikipedia and the Zodiac Killer

Zodiac, a serial killer whose identity still remains unknown, continues to make headlines, most recently in the murder of Megan Touma, when a newspaper received a letter from someone purporting to be the killer, who will "start using my role-model's signature". A friend on IRC noticed that the John F. Kennedy page on Wikipedia had been defaced with a message, purportedly from Zodiac. Within 30 minutes, the message had been decrypted:

vandaljzing wikipedia is so fun it is funner than killing people or having sex because when you kill people you only destroy their bodys but when you vandalize this website you kill the soul of the poor queer pig slaves that devote their lives to the embarkment that i am now destroying with my own bare hands

Rough timeline of events:

  • Google indexed the same message in the William McKinley Wikipedia article.
  • sbp noticed that there were 26 unique symbols, suggesting a simple substitution cypher.
  • sbp provided a simple symbol-to-character hash, for use in online solvers.
  • ianivs used a cracker to solve it in 6395041 attempts.
  • The folks in #wikimedia found the template changes.
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can we just stop with this cover up for racism and slayings of mixed race couples in the area?

you know they tested the DNA of every child at the junior high in Benicia as soon as the tests were developed in the 80's... but not evidence of the one 'serial killer' in the area. hmmmn... and all my teachers at high school had stories about, oh i dunno, couples being tragically left for dead in the hills because they were of mixed races or our best athlete ever being shot in the head in the city park because he was black and boastful of his skill at running...with a rifle.

The zodiac is quite scary i know.But is anyone to know if the zodiac is still alive? data shows that in march 2007 he strikes again. A man had a hypothesis that his step father could possibly be the zodiac killer. He has many photographic pictures, a hooded coat, and a blood crusted knife. No one knows his DNA and probably never will. He could be anywhere right now. Washington, maybe, California a deffinite maybe. He is still leaving letters and signs, even a code. Can anyone break this code? Invastigators need as much information as they can possibly can. If you know annyone please contact someone right away.

-12 year old giiirrl lol (: thanks

why killing people? easy the man wanted a rival a mind like his... and that's why as smart as he was he killed people to force someone to play cat and mouse game. nobody understood that simple fact and now he is in London or in England more precisely and he has another signature and is looking for the same thing

and one more thing... i will solve the case no matter what.. in fact i am allready on the move.. that's why i said he is in England. when he said " please help me i can not remain in control for that much" people thought he had a moment of clearity, false! cuz ordinary people who fear death can't see beyond deception, i am sure of it. he felt frustrated so smart that after 40 years he couldn't have been caught. the question why couples? why 37? why???// haha... u can't see it can u? he was playing with the police the hole time from the begging.. and for those who wonder who am i? i am L

L...your retarded. You can't claim to be "L" when you can't spell worth shit

i find the killer fascinating. i am trying to find all the information i can about him in hopes of maybe getting lucky enough to solve the case myself. i will have help from whoever i can find, and i will do whatever i have to do to find who this is. until then...

Zodiac will never be caught. The original Zodiac is probably either dead,incarsarated, or too old to kill.
I'm waiting for the next generation of Zodiacs to pop their heads out. Although police have new technology since the first murders, I'm sure what the Zodiac did is still plausable even the advanced times we live in today.

The Zodiac is in 'paradice'...

As a shrink per se, the zodiac killer's profile seems intriguing. Over a span of articles I've read. I noticed that he was frustrated with couples at the beginning. His frustration of not being able to have a partner watch him kill ensued perhaps. This is based on a given information/complaint that he despised badlands, a movie. So on, if you figure that, the rest of the killings evolved to a more satirical and egotistical purpose which is to kill directly for the purpose of being caught which may be the reason for the scoring of SFPD and his number of killings. Reading more, though, I believe he got cocky and found something he was good at: Killing. It looks like he tried poetry and the arts but often ridiculed for his manly stature or his character. I'm still reading and perhaps I can profile him even more.


I do appreciate that people are optimistic about doing their own research, but we still have to think logically. It's over 40 years since the last confirmed killing by the Zodiac killer. He's probably dead/too old to plan out his killings/out of the country. If he's alive, he's definitely smart enough to know how to avoid being caught. He's one of two humans in recorded history to get away with several high profile murders while taunting authorities, the other being Jack the Ripper. He wouldn't be caught even in his old age. There is a chance he may have found a successor but then again since it is two different people they wouldn't kill in the exact same way. So there might be a successor out there somewhere, but it wouldn't be the exact same Zodiac. Like i said earlier, i respect your optimism in finding his identity, but he eluded the police and even a task force formed by his murders at the FBI. I do respect your optimism but the odds are stacked against us. There's no viable DNA anymore, no prints that could point to anyone, and his genius is much greater than even an FBI task force that was active for 35 years, i know this because my uncle was apart of it during that time. Sorry to be such a jerk, but i just had to say it.

thank your uncle for me, for i am truly thankful. i grew up on sweat ranch, if you dont know where this is i am sure you will find out. i am the step daughter to one suspect. he cocked guns too our heads and beat us with no mercy. he hog tied my brothers while he molested me. on dec. 25 1968 we woke up too our christmas tree and all of our presents being destroyed by him. i will let you figure out which of the suspects he is. go way down the list and make sure you make a note of where we lived.

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