DrupalToughLove.com launches

We all make mistakes; that's how we learn. Sometimes, though, we need someone to point out our mistakes, to sift through the chaos that is Drupal's contributions repository. Inspired by jpoesen's comment on my code quality entry, chx and I have taken up the task of giving some tough love to Drupal's greatest strength: the army of developers using its APIs. Want your own code publicly reviewed at DrupalToughLove.com? Let us know!



Hi Morbus

Great site, great idea!

Maybe it would be possible to provide a graphic badge, that can be displayed by the module author on the module's page on Drupal.org...

Something like "This module passed the Drupal Tough Love test"

That way we know which modules are good and it becomes a status symbol for modules. ;)


If someone took up that initiative, we wouldn't stop them :)

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