Diseased Rams: The First Biological Weapon?

From NewScientist:

The historical documents hint that the Hittites – whose empire stretched from modern-day Turkey to northern Syria – sent diseased rams to their enemies to weaken them with tularemia, a devastating bacterial infection that remains a potential bioterror threat even today, says the review.

The Arzawans took the sheep to their villages and used them for livestock breeding. Soon after, though, they began to suspect a link between the appearance of the animals and the terrible disease ravaging their communities ... "They started wondering 'Why do these rams start showing up on the road?'" says Trevisanato. He believes that among the Hittites, "somebody must have had the bright idea" to send diseased rams over to their Arzawan enemies.


Agricultural terrorism is just as real and going on today as it was back then. An example is if a country can not export its beef due to mad cow disease, then its stands to lose Billions in loss sales and Millions more having to destroy the cows, plus the other countries that sell the same cows can now charge double, what they would have for there beef. But who needs animals to spread disease purposely in todays World with so many people walking the planet with HIV/ AIDS and various forms of Hepatitis and soon West Nile and Birld Flu, disease is everywhere and soon will be in everybody. Sorry my comment sounds so bleak but terrorisim in a sad subject.

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