Apple's Boot Camp Running Smoothly

Installed Apple's Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro 2GHz machine today, and everything went swimmingly: Windows XP and the Mac drivers (ATI video card, wireless, sound card, etc.) installed, and no difficulties along the way. I had some initial problems connecting to my wireless network, but that seems related to the WEP key - if I disable WEP encryption from the shared Airport connection, I can connect with little problem. I've grown used to doing this anyways when I connect via my PSP or Nintendo DS. Dunno why, and don't really care - if I walk outside I can't reach the network, so I'm not too concerned about interlopers and it'd only be off for a very limited time anyways.

And, really, that's the sole reason I've got Windows XP installed now: gaming. While I had every intention of attempting the same feat when the project hacked together a video driver, Apple just plumb ol' made them irrelevant. Since I'll still (naturally) be using OS X for Everything Else, I only set the WinXP partition size to 25 GB, which allowed me to format it as FAT32, which means OS X can read and write to it. And that it does: once I rebooted back into Tiger, there was the new partition already mounted, to which I started copying some files I had been downloading just for the occasion.

Games ahoy!



I wonder if anyone knows the limitation time on boot camp on the new intel macs, i was gonna download it but it says it is a trial period only?

There is none.

In that case can I run Windows XP service pack 1 then do an upgrade to service pack 2 or do you have to install service pack 2 from the start?

I believe you have to start from SP2. Should be in the Boot Camp docs.

you have to install sp2 from the start. I did it wrong reg xp sp1. then tried sp2 and it errors every time.
Something about needing 4 more megabytes on the hard disk. even when sp1 is installed and I havve 26 gigs more room.

yeah! i have the exact same problem! if you find the answer please e-mail!

Go to search Boot Camp. You have to have Windows XP w/SP2. If you have OS X 10.5 Leopard Boot Camp comes with it already installed under your Utility's. If you run BOOT CAMP it will do everything for you all you have to do is select what size of partition you want but if you go over 32GB you wont be able to write to it. It talks about this in the instructions.

You have to have SP2 on the disk you use.
You have to have Leopard disk for all the DRIVERS after you install Windows XP w/SP2 disk

IT person at work told me to download xp sp2 for IT and developers. to a pen drive and execute update from there. I am using VM Fusion 2 and found that the pen drive isn't seen by the virtual machine. Not a problem just dragged the file to the share folder with the Mac and ran the execute file from there. Updated to xp pro sp2 without headaches. (Of note, IT guy told me that for Parallels (probable early version) needed to do some manual register and to google for how to do. Glad it didn't involve that because I couldn't find the infomation). Hope this helps someone.

I just read that the timer will end Fall of 2007. Leopard will be out by then so it is no big deal.

I now have boot camp and windows xp SP2 but when i try to install bootcamp it tells me that my firmware needs to be updated but i have constantly updated it and the system tells me that the firmware is up-to-date so not sure what i'm doing wrong?

Any ideas? thanks for all your help previously as well!!


I had a little trouble getting a mac mini's firmware updated.

Look at the Firmware Update 1.0.1 link at the bottom of this page:

This is my problem too.
Any ideas?

I have always used Mac so Windows is difficult. I just got a Macbook that came with boot camp and windows xp pre loaded. How do you access the wireless network from windows? With the OS x you have the wireless icon at the top of the screen. Where is it in the Windows screen?

should be bottom right, otherwise (if you have installed the mac driver's cd you can burn from boot camp assistant) go to "start", then "connect to", "wireless network connection"

I used bootcamp and split my HD about halfways, so it used the NTFS for Windows and everything seemeed fine. I have good video, sound, etc. and most programs run great, except Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When I try and start the program it fails everytime (don't worry I reported it to Microsoft ;) Has anyone run into problems like this?

hey i just got a macbook black. i need to install boot camp and windos, i tride to install an old dell windos xp home edition with servace pack one. the process half failed, would not install the mac drivers. so i got windos ex home adition full adition evertying lagit. deleated my old partishion and tride to install the windos. it came up with a system failer notification. we think that when i tride to upgrade service pack or at some other time some of the windos files got saved to my mac hard drive making installing windows impissible. any ideas, what can i do?

you need a bootable install disc with XP2. Bootcamp will only install XP2. You can create your disc by taking your XP SP1 CD, then slipstreaming SP2 into the code. This is supported. Good on slipstreaming

i kinda did the whole process of installing the windows on to the mac.. after messing up the whole hard drive, and erasing over 20gb of music.. and now i found out i installed the SP1, i waz going to ask if any of you knew how to install the SP2.. because when i try to install it it says that i need 4 more MB to install it.. so i erased MSN and all that took out bout 30 mbz and sitll says take out 4 mbz... could sum 1 help me out plz

Alas, I've been dealing with this problem as well. Apple "claims" that you need a wXP SP2 install disc for it to work. Well, over this weekend I have found out why. Here's my story.

The Beginning: I have a Dell OEM wXP cd that is pre-sp1. I also have Vista beta RC1. My main interest is to run windows games. I have many PCs and love my Macbook. I use it for all my actual work needs, and some of the fun things like photos. However, I refuse to repurchase all the games I have in windows that have a mac counterpart, and my favorite game of all time is only on windows. Fine while I'm at home, but not fine when I'm on the road, or wish to play in the living room. This leads to one option, install XP on the Mac. Parallels or Virtual PC won't work because they lack 3D game support. So, I am forced into dual-booting.

The First Steps: I attempted to install the OEM disc ignoring the fact that it required sp2. The install failed due to a missing driver or .sys file. So, then I went to Vista, which worked, except that it takes up tons of space and not all the drivers worked. Plus, the games aren't compatible and so I gave up on it. It doesn't meet my needs. Going back to XP, I decided to slipstream service pack 2 into my OEM disc. However, it gave me errors. I tried copying my OEM over part of a cracked copy of XP, then slipstream, no dice, ended up with the cracked version altogether and SP2 won't actually install on the system. After wasting about 10 discs with as many slipstreamed options, I gave up and simply made a new OEM disc and included the i386 files from both sp2 and the cracked XP. I also included the Mac drivers. None of it was integrated. I did have to copy one file from the cracked xp though. The file usbehci.sys was needed in order for the install to continue. So I put a copy in the i386 of the OEM files.

Second Steps: This method did allow for the install to proceed without a hitch. However, once installed, not all Mac drivers installed. So, I perceived that I needed SP2 to get those drivers to work. However, I get that same error of 4mb not available. I then tried to install sp1a, which worked. Tried the drivers again, no luck. I proceeded to install every MS update available, without installing sp2. They all worked fine, but the drivers still wouldn't install. However, as a side note, my games are working great, too bad there's no audio.

Final understanding: It all boils down to this. Apple doesn't require sp2 to install and run XP as they may make it sound. There are only two things needed, from what I've seen, that a windows disc with sp2 offers, that usbehci.sys file and a preinstalled service pack 2. The first one I got around. The second however is a requirement because... The installer refuses to work on any bootcamp/apple computer. It wouldn't matter if you used a non-oem disc. The fact of the matter is, if the disc isn't precompiled with sp2 integrated, the installer for sp2 still won't work and we are all stuck. My solution, live without it. SP3 should be coming along soon, and hopefully they fix the installer. Or, and I'm still looking, MS can release sp2 as smaller hotfixes. That's what I was hoping for by downloading all the updates, but apparently you have to go with the full sp2 install. There should be some way around it, but since the error is with the installer, it's really up to MS to fix it. Although one would think that if Apple knew about this, that they'd just say it that way. Also, since this only seems to affect our situation with Apple computers, it stands to reason that the problem must somehow be on their end as well. Yet they've chosen not to correct it. So, I'm not sure who's really responsible, but it looks like no one wants to offer a fix, except to reinstall with a disc containing an integrated sp2. :(

Update: I did discover that some of the drivers have individual installer programs. This at least allowed me to install audio drivers. So far, the only things to not work are bluetooth and the iSight camera. In device manager, there's a total of 4 items with exclamation points on them, one USB hid, one iSight, one PCI and one unknown. I'm not sure what each is (except the iSight of course) as there are no indicated resources listed to help me link them to a device. Overall, the system is stable. In fact, without a dedicated video card I was really surprised at how well it handled The Sims 2. I installed the epansions through Pets and it ran for well over two hours. Anyone who is familiar with the Sims knows that it's very leaky in the memory department. It's also very choppy on low grade video devices. My wife has a 17" HP laptop that has a 128MB ATI card that doesn't run it as well as my Macbook. So I'm very impressed with the Apple hardware.

I finally made the switch myself and just bought a MacBook Pro 17". I've been using a Fujitsu LifeBook N6010 for the last year and a half. I just installed BootCamp and had a flawless installation process for Windows XP. They really do require that you install BootCamp with XP SP2. My MacBook has a 160 Gig drive, so I gave Windows 40 Gigs and formatted in NTFS. Haven't had problems as of yet.

My new problem now, is that I have a 250 Gig LaCie external drive. And, as you may not know, NTFS can only be read from OSX and not written on. So I basically ran PM on my Fujitsu N6010 and created 2 partitions with a 50/50 split, and formatted them both to FAT32. I know that there are certain restrictions when using FAT32, like the 4 gig file limit and file limit names. But I figure that since I have 40 gigs for my Windows partition in my Mac, I won't run into many problems in the future. I debated on partitioning my external into 3 different drives. MacHS/FAT32/NTFS, but IMHO, thats simply just asking for trouble you probably don't need.

From sources I found on the web, Apple has decided to delay the release of the new OSX untill October, because they still haven't fully intergrated Vista into BootCamp. So Vista is a gamble if you decide to try and install it....

As for my switch, I can honestly say that it's kind of a new fresh start. I still have a lot to learn, but as long as I still got Windows somewhere, I'll always be able to get a breath of fresh air!! :)

Oh boy do I have problems. Hope some helpe is here. My wife bought a new mbpro but she just dosen't use it that much and i have some win apps that i like using........ anyway, boot camp was running along fine, i made my mac drivers cd, partioned the single internal hd too, no problems. i then slipped in a NEW OEM winxp disk i actuall bought. i thought my superdrive was going to tear itself apart! iyt kept trying to read & then eject the disk but all failed [got on line and found out how to get a stuck disk out.]

but here's the worst of it. when i power up the laptop now all i get [after the initial chime] is a black screen with white text at to top saying "no bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key". nothing works AND I DO KNOW WHERE ANY KEY IS! [thank you google]

so i've got a pretty much dead mbpro and i'm not realyl mac savy yet. any suggestions? anyone??

If you hold down Option while the MBP is booting it, it would theoretically show you all the bootable partitions - you'd be able to arrow-key choose the one you'd like. Alternatively, if the machine came with a startup CD (or an OS CD of some sort), you could plop that in and boot from that (which should happen automatically in this particular circumstance - normally, you'd hold down the "C" key, for CD-ROM).

the option key suggestion seemed to worked the first 2 times i tried it, but only up to a certain point. i got the mac HD icon with an up arrow underneath and i clicked thru to get a logo and clock, but that only showed up twice in my attempts. i then tried opt key/pwr, no luck.... then pwr/chime/opt key and again no joy. still trying...................

I have the same problem: "no bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key
I seem to have formatted my harddrive to NTFS. When I boot with the installation disc the repair tools cannot reformat the HD to HFS+
I have tried in target mode and with unix (I don´t know a lot about that...) but haven´t succeeded. anyone´s got a hint????????

I just installed BootCamp,the problem is When its opening windows the screen should be like damage and automatically restart two or three times and then it get into the windows normal.Please help me out how to shortout...thanks

Hey I just got boot camp and installed windows xp pro with sp2. Works fine but whenever I start up my computer without pressing option (alt) to choose which disc to start up from, it automatically gos to windows instead of mac. anyone else have this? thanx

When you install boot camp's install drivers for windows, it adds a "startup disk" to the control panel. Run that and select the disk you want as your default boot device. Details on page 18 - 19 of the boot camp docs for beta 1.3.

Please someone help me. I just bought a Mac Pro a week ago and i couldn't live without playing my old games like "Oblivion, battle for middle earth, etc. I tried this boot camp and made a horrific mistake. I tried downloading Vista but my disc was the Upgrade only version. I eventually found a way to get the disk out (holding down the mouse during startup). Now i have a huge problem. When I start the Mac pro it brings me to a black screen saying "No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key." I know I can insert the Mac OS X disks into the disk drive to solve this problem. However, the disk drive won't open (not with the keyboard, not with the mouse thing, and no the alt key thing doesn't work).
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! I SPENT 13,000 ON THIS MAC PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how did u solved it?

I am from Brazil..And I´m having the same problem ...

the keyboard should have a key to open it. if not, open iTunes and use the eject disk in the lower right hand corner to open.

Dude, you spent $13,000 on a Mac Pro???!!! Are you clinically retarded? I hope you're playing Big Blue or doing weather simulations or something else massive.

I think s/he meant $1,300. i just can't believe it..

i used boot camp and screwed my iMac, i cant install anything, windows or mac.
anything please send it to:

I just got windows xp pro up and running on my MBP 2.4GHz/2GB RAM/256 vid card..... and........

games: Icewind Dale 2 (older, lame-graphics-intensive PC game) runs sooooooooooo sluggish
Battle For Middle Earth (I, not II !) runs the start movie and switches back to the windows desktop with game window minimized and... nada. zip. zilch.

that's two games, years apart and none run properly. Boooooooooooooo.
You'd think a 2.4GHz kick-butt machine would run them.

Very disappointed. Guess I'll be keep my Dell laptop.
I was looking forward to joining the Mac army, too.
But not without my games.

Try using windows through VMWare fusion.

Hey umm when i am about to install windows xp with service pack 2, i slip the disk in and then it says..........." the installer CD could not be found. Plz tell me how to fix this.

Hi, I had the No bootable device error from trying to install bootcamp also. Holding the option key down, pushing the on button and selecting the hard drive worked for me. Thanks!

Hey, I'm having similar problems/questions with my MacBook Pro. I installed Boot Camp using the XP SP 1 disc, thinking I could just add the update later. Well, that doesn't work, as I found out and I'm trying to slipstream a new copy of XP with SP 2 and install that.

My question is this: will a slipstreamed copy of Windows XP with the Service Pack 2 work in Boot Camp? And if so, how do I go about unistalling/reinstalling XP in boot camp? I'm almost ready to do it, but I'm a little nervous and don't know much about Macs/computers in general. :O) Thanks!


I've just installed boot camp on my new mac mini core 2 duo. I'm having the same problem as others - I get "the installer CD could not be found" when trying to install windows xp sp2. I have had parallels up and running but I took it off as it wasn't recognising all my hardware so this is a major pain. I've tried creating autorun CDs with toast, but they won't work. Four coasters and counting.

To answer some of your questions, one of the main ones being "can I use SP1 and then upgrade to SP2?" No, this is not possible as Boot Camp is built in a way that it becomes an OS completely dependent on itself, and by trying to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, that dependency will crash and you will then have the same problem as all the people above who can't access their computers. For people who can't actually get the Windows installer going (and if you aren't using a cracked or illegally obtained version of Windows which will NOT work with Boot Camp), you have to be running Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.6 or later (check Software Update in System Preferences if you need to upgrade) and an Intel Mac. People above who have asked if Boot Camp will work on PPC-based Macs the answer is of course no; an Intel processor is required. Make sure you follow all of Apple's precautionary instructions (printing out the step-by-step instructions, for instance) and you will generally not have problems.

Do a google search for "slipstreaming"
Its complicated, but you can create a install sp2 disk that way

Hello everybody! I'm a Mac G5 owner and have bootcamp up and running. I have been installing and playing games and stuff on Windows XP (Bootcamp Partition) for a couple of months now but all of a sudden i can't install or run any disks i insert into the disk drive when i am in Windows XP. I can insert the disks (it pulls the disks in) but then nothing happens. I try using the "Run" utilitie in XP but it is if there is no disk in the drive. I know ITS NOT the disk drive thats broken because i have world of warcraft that works on Mac OS X and that runs fine when i insert the disk when using Mac OS X. Please somebody help me! I have heaps of great games sitting on the hard drive that i can't play because they need the game disks to run!

No you're not, because BootCamp only works on Intel machines.

I recently got a macbook pro and i wanted to play games on it so i decided to install windows through boot camp. i followed instructions, made a drivers cd, and installed windows without any problems.

However, when i put in the drivers disk after windows installation, it said that the drivers cd requires updated version of windows xp. and it gave me an option to start updating. but the problem is, since my ethernet driver wasn't installed, i couldn't get online. and since i couldn't get online to update, i couldn't install the drivers cd. so i was pretty much stuck.

someone told me it was because my windows xp disk is pretty old. it is about 2 to 3 years old. so i was just wondering if there was any way to still make it work with this xp disk. do i have to buy a more recent windows xp cd? i'm not sure. i would appreciate any kind of help. thank you for your time.

I'm having the exact same problem that you are. It says I need an update to install my windows drivers, but then I don't have the internet driver installed so I can't get on the net to get the update. Very frustrating and not making a lot of sense. If anyone could help both of us out with this I would really appreciate it. Like I said, XP works great and startup is solid... just getting error messages when I try and install the Windows drivers I burnt onto a disk through boot camp. Thanks a lot.

I have the old xp cd (gold one) I slipstream the XP SP2 ( ) installe with boot camp now now have sp2 and save 100 buck.

I have OSX and Windows XP installed on my IMac. I now want to upgrade to XP SP3. Can this be done from in Windows or do I have to go through BootCamp??
Thanks anyone for your help

Hey gals and guys,

I'd like to install Windows XP SP3 on my iMac through Boot Camp. Will Boot Camp support SP3? Thanks!

I have an Mac book pro 17 and I have some questions that I am hoping you folks can help me with. Can you have 3 different paritions on. 1) NTFS for XP 2) FAT32 for shared reading from both XP and Max Os 3) Mac Os operating system. Have tried to use the disk tool but it seems I can only have 2 partitions!


Sure, you could do that, but you wouldn't be able to use Boot Camp to create that partition - you'd have to use another disk partitioning utility entirely. I don't have a recommendation for you on that though - it's been a very long time since I've thought about partitioning my drives.

macdrive 7 is good for this type of stuff, do a google search

I have a problem. Not much of a problem, more of an annoyance. Anyways, when I hold down "alt/option" and get to the OS's, only the Mac hard drive appears! This means I have to go to Startup Disk in System Prefs. every time I want to go to Windows. Help would be helpful.

you need a microsoft keybord

Can anyone help me?

I have XP running fine on my mac book pro, but I really want to play Virtual Pool 3 on it but every time I get an error D3D graphics problem and the game crashes before it starts, any thoughts anyone?



I have read a lot about all this 'slipstreaming' stuff and I was wondering do I have to completely re partition and re install windows in order to do this, or can I just do it in my windows partition. If you could email me an answer if you have one that would be great. (


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