Japanese Suicide

The BBC article Japan's internet 'suicide clubs' reminds me of LAST NIGHT and SUICIDE CLUB, both movies you've probably never heard of, but should see at least once.

EDIT [2012-04-02]: For commenters using this film-related post for something it's not, note that I wipe all comments on a regular basis. I don't really want this crap clogging mah pipes.


any one from india who want suicide partner plz contact me.

i am looking for suicide partner in india

vishu i m also from idia looking a suicide partner call me on 8286489737

Anyone want to partner up?
I'm VERY suicidal.. don't really want to die alone
My preferred method: jump off the golden gate bridge
20 female from san francisco, california
feel free to email me: ready2diewithyou@aim.com

Hi. Paul male/24/London UK.
Wanting suicide partner ready for any time next month (may). Have to be based in the South east UK and don't care if it is a male or female

I have a method of going down to the beach at night and using sleeping tablets and alcohol lie down in the waves and drown a peaceful death

Email on pauljones794@gmail.com
Many thanks

Hey Paul ! Did you find somebody ? Why you want to die ?

any method, just want to die sick of life and want out looking for partner

can you travel to the US?

what part of us and what is your plan i don,t care about the pain long as die i need to end this life

I'm in San Francisco, California. I want to jump off the Golden gate bridge
email me ready2diewithyou@aim.com

Can you travel to Ohio? How soon What method do you want?

Hi Andy. I live in Indiana. I would be interested in taking you up on the offer. Email me at leslie_816@yahoo.com if you are interested.


Hey Leslie I love in indiana as well I just sent you an email. I'm a 21/m anyone reply if you're interested and in range


Andy can you travel to northwest Indiana. Have method for self and you. private114@hushmail.com

Canadian male, what's your contact information so I can get in touch with you ? Where in Canada are you? Hope we can get together and leave this horrible earth.

Please Email me. Maybe we can brainstorm.

Why do all of you want to die when you don't know what's on the otherside? I used to be suicidal myself but moved on. I'm not religious in any way but, that gloomy feeling that sits in the back of your mind wondering if there really is a heaven or hell ore reincarnation is quite scary. Hmm....

Well my reason for dying is because life has really been unfair. I've been bullied my whole, misunderstood, and treated unfair. I suffer from social phobia and had nothing but bad luck all my life. I don't care if I go to hell after as long as this life ends.. & I doubt there's a hell anyways. It's probably all made up... & I can't believe I've even been bullied on this site by you. when I read that comment you wrote about me it really pushed me farther to the edge. Can't believe you would mention my name and ask if I was a "regular" why would it even matter to you WHO is a regular on this site.. why does it matter to you so much? and I haven't even been posting on this site for over a month. been on here less than a month. I'm so sick of ignorant people! I'm ready to die...

People are always trying to make me feel bad for no reason... more than half of the people in this world is ignorant. I'm sick of getting picked on for no reason. I never understood why I'm such a target for bullies. I really wish I was never born........everyone is so mean and quick to judge. I haven't even done anything wrong to these people and many of them are strangers. geez.

You're very sensitive. All I did was did was mention you....bullying was if I was cursing you out and saying you SHOULD kill yourself...I visited this site 3 weeks ago because of the mention of Japanese Suicide stuff. Though it was interesting and saw you posted ALOT on here. So calm down

I did not post ALOT on there. Maybe like 5 times. I didn't post EVERY SINGLE day... I saw a few other people who posted there MORE THAN ME. Why don't you mention their names instead? I just don't think it's fair you said my name out of many other people. Plus why does it even matter to you bout the people who are "regulars"? I have a reason to be sensitive.. I was bullied by people in school for NO REASON.. bullied at home by my own family.. I've been cyber bullied by people I barely know.. and even bullied here. I don't get why I'm such a target for bullies. Don't you think it's ridiculous that you asked if I was a regular? How did you think it made me feel when I saw that comment? I was really offended because you were jumping into conclusions without facts. I haven't even been on this site for more than a month and only posted about 5 times. Sheesh.....

More than five times you've posted. I feel sorry for you(because of what happened to you) But you should really just stop posting so much. I'm not a bully and I don't think you really know what bullying is.In fact I saw the posts couple of weeks ago where that girl was being bullied. You never stood up for her, so you're just as bad as me:) Goodluck Im done dealing with you, the fun is over

So why does it even matter how many times I posted? I don't keep track of how many times I've posted. I didn't know you would take your time to count. I felt like you were bullying me cos you mentioned my name and I've done nothing to you. How would you feel if someone randomly mentions you? wouldn't you be offended?.... and you say I didn't stood up for her? I wasn't even paying attention to the people bullying her... and then one day she suddenly assumed that the bullies were me. GUESS WHAT? I wasn't the one bullying her and she blamed it on me without getting any facts. So why would I defend someone who bad mouth me for no reason? I would never try to make someone feel bad for no reason. Get your facts straight please.

I am getting my facts straight. You're to too sensitive. Someone mentions you and thats bullying? You take things too seriously. Anyway, go back to trying a person so you can go kill yourself. Goodluck

find* damn typos

now you want to tell me to kill myself after you said you were "concerned" about everyone. you were trying to tell people there's hell after. so you get mad at me for being correct and mad at yourself for being incorrect and you take your anger out on me by telling me to kill myself? you need to get a grip of yourself and admit you're wrong. i didn't anything to you, so why mention my name for no reason? i don't get why i matter so much to you.....

didn't do* anything

Reread what I wrote and then respond correctly to me. I didn't tell you to go kill yourself but merely suggested you go back to what you were doing on this site in the first place, finding a partner.

I am rereading it and you said "Anyway, go back to trying a person so you can go kill yourself." sounds harsh by the way you said it, anyways I know I'll find someone, so don't worry about it.

k good luck

You don't need to say goodluck to me but goodluck to you. hope you get the mental help you need....mean that from the bottom of my heart. :) bye.

Nope, you don't have your facts straight because everything you're saying is not true.....

Lol okay

goodluck :)

Anonymous, I don't know you, but I feel for you. This place of all places should be sacred to each of us. No one should be singled out or picked on--and if you do feel that way, considering why so many of us are here, the other party should recognize the pain you're in and simply back down. This isn't the space "to be right" or to tell others what they should do. It's many months after your exchange, but I hope you're around to read this. You have my support--and I bet you have the support of a lot of others here.

Also looking for a partner...26 f NYC, but plan involves travel. Let me know if you might be interested.


Anyone on here from Australia?

'Aussie' you live in probably the nicest country in the world. I wish I could swap with you :)

I'm from SA, Where are you from?

Are you male or female and how old?

from UK in my 30's


Whats your email?

what state/age/sex are you?


ready2die is just looking for pity. she's annoying. yes im bullying you and i dont give a fuck. i speak whats on my mind. stop trying to make people feel sorry for you. you're not going to find a partner that way regardless. people on here get that you wanna die. you've made it clear after the 900th post asking for a partner. just do it yourself. plain and simple. call me a bitch but i really don't care. it is what it is.

Do you see what I mean by ignorant people? Janice is a big example. I'm not on here looking for pity or to make people feel sorry for me. I'm just sick of people who never wants to mind their own business like Janice, if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything. I'm giving myself a little bit more time to look for a partner if I don't find anyone I'll do it myself. If Gorgon didn't mention my name I would've never mentioned his. I never start shit or drama with ANYONE. I'm not like you, ignorant, selfish, and cold-hearted. I don't get why people waste so much energy and time on me. What have I ever done to them? today's society doesn't make much sense. a lot of ignorant and immature people these days..... and I never call anyone bad names. I don't see the reason even if they're mean to me.. they're still people and I treat people the way I want to be treated. Yes, I've posted about 5 times or so.. why is that such a big deal? It's not my fault I can't find anyone to partner up with. It's not that simple to find someone... most people live in another country or state....

and do you know why people BULLY? it's because they have they're own insecurities... people bully others to make their selves feel better. It is a sad and very immature thing to do. I feel sorry for bullies.. I'm glad I don't have a cold heart.....

If I had a cold heart than I would be making other people feel bad (such an awful, hateful thing to do).. that is something I would never do.. and being a bully is sure not something to be proud about. I hope everyone who acts like Janice gets help. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.....

womp womp womp.... thats all i hear. stop your bitchassness and jump already. im perfect the way i am :)

HAHAHA LOL being ignorant is nothing perfect. you make me chuckle :) thanks for the laugh!

im glad i made you laugh. thats what people are gonna do when you die.

that's what people are gonna do when I die? lol I think you're speaking for yourself. you seem like a person with very low self esteem. I don't even talk to many people... the only people I talk to are my close friends. I isolated myself away from many people cos they don't understand me.. and you say I'm annoying?? you're the one with the immature attitude... just read what you type. you say i act "bitchassness" (lmao) sorry but you're talking and describing about yourself. Just read what you type, you make yourself look really uneducated (which is true).

which is true, you are uneducated.. very uneducated. i'm sorry that people are going to laugh at you when you die but you don't have to take your anger out on me...so stop ur "bitchassness" ... (lols!, i'm using ur word -- cos that sure describes you- not me)

correction, you posted more than 5 times including before this site was updated. if people wanna partner up with you, they will. i can say what i want regardless if its nice or not so get over it and man up.

get over what? I should be the one saying that to you. you're the one who needs to get over this and "man up"... you're making it a big deal by STARTING shit with me and continuing with it. Very immature and ignorant........ if you respond back to this I feel really bad for you.. I don't have time to go back and forth like little girls. It's so true that some people never grow up........ you need serious help.

lol. this is fun for me. feel bad for me? go ahead hun. you obviously had time to respond to all my other responses writing essays and shit. good night love!

it was fun for me too I had nothing else better to do. I go on here and respond to whoever has things to say to me. I sure do write a lot because I'm a talkative person.... can't change my attitude. you're just mad cos you know everything I say makes sense and everything you say is ignorant.... being ignorant is the worst thing to be! so I'm glad I'm not ignorant........you feel sorry for yourself so you take your anger out on others. I know how the human mind works.. I'm not uneducated like some people....

thats all you can say is that im ignorant. is that your only defense? oh yeah i forgot you just stay on the computer all day long cuz everyone hates you and no one wants to be your friend. its ok, the world will be better off without you anyways. you're doing everyone a favor by dying. kae gonna sleep! ill ttyl girl............. smooches

lmfaooo ! ignorance at it's finest. I do have friends, unlike you. with your attitude, no one will want to talk to you. I get along with people fine... it's just my family who doesn't give a chance to understand me so I isolated myself from them... who said I stay on my computer all day? It looks like that's what YOU DO. YOU'RE the one starting shit with me. I bet everyone hates YOU.. you're just speaking for yourself to make yourself feel better. Why lie to yourself so much?

Entirely impartial third party, just here to inform you that arguing with strangers isn't going to find you a partner sooner or make you feel better sooner. If either of those are what you want, why not just go about your business in peace? Some of the comments on here are really uncalled for, but honestly, people can be c*nts when they are depressed (I know I can :) I hope you will get what you want either way, but stop and think for a second about how you are making other people feel. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling happy and I'm sure you deserve to be happy. But nobody else is happy here either, and they aren't being rude. I'm sure you are better than the way you are treating people (and I'm probably going to get a "fuck you" for this, or just ignored, but whatever) and insulting people is probably making things worse for everybody involved. Have a nice day, if you are still alive... I just saw the date, so... you know. This isn't supposed to be offensive, but emotions are kind of hard to convey over the internet. Whatever.

21 year old female looking for partner
willing to travel (us only)
contact me @

Is there anywhere I can buy the helium kits? Ive read an elderly lady who used to sell them closed. Is there anywhere else where I can buy them? Years of health problems is the reason. If anyone can help, my email is nomorehighlightsnow@gmail.com . A big thanks if anyone can answer. Ame

Have you heard from anyone?

not yet :(

You can get helium at most party supply stores or online, even o Amazon. Not sure if that comes with the regulator tap thingy, though

Looking for a partner to ctb with pref my own age. 29, m, London, ive.had.enough@live.co.uk

anybody know how to use helium for die. please describe

Look up Last Five Acts, a great book w/ a whole chapter. Read up as it can go wrong.... painless though & is my method of choice

Thanks Ixtab regarding the book. Does the book help in sourcing the things for it? nomorehighlightsnow@gmail.com

23 F Nevada. Unable to travel. Looking for other locals, please email me at hotrodlestrade@yahoo.com

AGH! pro-suicide.weebly.com is gonedown!!!

Hey Ixtab. Fancy meeting you here :-)

Yup, it has. I have a feeling I know why too.


think it was a server issue.

Does anyone no for sure if uk party helium has oxygen added to it? I have 2 tanks one party time and one adams. Will be using these in the next day or two and added oxygen is the only thing I can't be 100% sure of. Thanks

This is just a chemical experiment of lime sulfur and muriatic acid, and medical experiment of hydrogen sulfide.


thanks for posting this link MotoKaKen know i know what to expect when i decide its time to leave

Sulfur(sulfide) source on eBay.co.uk

Ringworm, mange,demodex Lime sulfur dip 4oz-1 gallon

Lime sulfur dip 4oz concentrate makes one gallon

1kg Sodium Sulphide/Sulfite- technical grade

Ferrous Sulfide, Iron(?) Sulfide, Reagent 50.0% 500g


Import from U.S.A. (amazon.com)

Photographer's Formulary Sodium Sulfide 1 pound


Shipping Rates and Times to Europe


Sorry, link is blocked because of SPAM filter.
Please search by yourself.

Hello! I live in japan and looking for for a person to go with me, the problem is I can not read japanese so i can not find a page to find a person in japan could you recomend some page! thank you! and I can not find the materials if you be kind enough to gide me I will apreciate it! thank you!

Middle aged male in need of partner in U.S. Will travel in U.S. or close by in Canada. Want a female or male, no preference. Over 40 years old. Respond with email, choice of method, area you live in, time line of when you want to do it, and some info about yourself. I will get in touch for more communication. As plans get worked out, I will talk by phone only.

Don't want my information here. Is there a less public way to contact?

Make a fake email account just for suicide purposes.

I want someone cut me to death!

R U the 'cut off my head' guy?

why you want cut your head, try helium method. it is easy. try find some online gas supply shope, purchase a helium tank with gas and make a sucide bag. i do this and after some days i will be free. good luck.

hey friend. i want to die asap. can you please tell me about helium method. is it reliable?

Seriously, let's cut ourselves to death. What's your contact info?

Use a chainsaw.

great idea..

i want some Use a chainsaw and cut my arms and legs off so i bleed out and die then cute me in to pieces

I'll do it.

ok all pay you to kill me whats your email so i can have you do it

do you own a chainsaw? what's your email address?
you don't have to pay me i'll kill myself after..

no i don't own a chainsaw i have a big knife can you stab me tell i die don.t care a bout the pain

Hm.. googled your email and found that you've been posting the same thing for years. asking others to kill you. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not but I don't think I'll be emailing you anymore just incase it's a prank. I don't want to feel dumb. If you're serious I hope you find what you need...

I am 22, female in the UK, is there anyone who would like to die a painless death with me? I am too afraid to go alone, infact a partner or a group is welcome. My email address is emily17571827@gmail.com

Anyone know how much aspirin will take to kill? I'm 20, female, 5'2, 155lbs.

28/female looking for someone in Illinois. More desperate than ever, not meant to be here. Please email me at nina.sine@yahoo.com.

Been trying for a long time.

Can you travel in Illinois? Like O'Hare?

Nix, yes, please email me.

Odds of finding a real partner on here are about the same as they are on craigslist IMO. Even the webmaster said most people on here don't actually want to commit suicide.

Is helium method is reliable with O2 mask?

I live in Scotland. I would ask for assisted suicide but then half the folk on here are being assholes or are like me, a pussy.

Does anyone know where i can contact a black-market near Stirling? How can i obtain a gun, Illegally in Scotland?

'I know we could live tomorrow but I know I live today'
Dosulepin +ethanol overdose

Look, i don't know how to obtain any of that shit. I don't know what it is.
I don't know if what your saying is some kind of code word.


Help or not, i will find a gun eventually.

Dosulepin= one of the tricyclic antidepresants (still being prescribed by GP's)
I even found a case of a Female doctor who overdosed on them and
I think about 100 x 75 mg tablets and a couple of dbl G+ T should be sufficient. Correct me if I am wrong..

Is helium method is reliable

Try it yourself and let us know dumb ass. The owner of this website is deleting posts when they pile up and your piling them up, so shut the fuck up and stop repeating posts so we can get some assistance around here.

Looking for partner to ctb with pref my own age. 29, m, London, ive.had.enough@live.co.uk

Is there anywhere online I can buy the helium gas flow adjuster or the pressure gauge? Apart from Exit? If not, is it possible to buy from Exit and give an acceptable age? On their website it says age ID may be required. Does it mean they always do? Would I get in trouble if I gave a different age and then they asked for ID?

I dont know how hold you are but your best bet is to tell them is for a your, mothers, or younger sisters, or friends birthday party if they ask, tell them you need for all the all the ballons or say it is for a science experiment. I wouldn't lie as far as age that's a dead give away. You can buy pressure gauges online, use a credit card.


You can get 2 types of gages for helium; one for latex balloons and the other for both latex and mylar balloons.

I'm ready to end it. I really cannot mess this up. What is the quickest most reliable way to commit suicide? I don't have a car and I'm a bad shot with a gun.

Hey..this is my first time here n of course,clicked this site for the same reason...have planned this earlier but i want to complete a book that im writing, before killing this body...apart from that, i wish to realize certain things...n then one day i'll have my fav meal after a long bath, compose a dying poem and stab my heart with my fav knife, tear it open and die with a smiling face...must be in that meditative state of mind where one experiences something divine...should have no bonds, no joys n no sorrows

can anyone give me a list or names of strong sleeping tablets ?

Take 100 tablets of Unisom after you have eaten something at midnight so that you will not vomit.

thanks for the reply but i do not intend to o/d on them i was going to take them before i mix sulfur spray with acid ( h2s) so i go to the other side in my sleep i got this link can anyone tell me what is in the bottle on the first photos they look like orange pills to me he must have taken them before making h2s

What photo?

You must have been posting while I was writing. No idea what the pills are. H2S is supposed to be pretty fast. Do you really think that you need the pills? Do you want a partner?

(late post) yes i think i will i tested it out in a small quantity and it gave off some strong fumes your eyes water and sting like F*&k and you start coughing badly so its basic sitting in a room on fire chocking on smoke but without the burns its not just that your body's natural reaction will want to get out there was 2 couples in the uk who had gone this way and they had also taken some form of sleeping sedative and no i'm not looking for a partner when i do go i want to go alone i have strong views on partners ( i wont go into them ) especially if they are younger than me i'm in my early 30's i just get my info from sites like this so i have all the necessary arrangements

Hi 'Stefan' just to ask why would you think that eating would stop vomitting. I think it would be the other way round- I.e. if you eat meds on an empty stomach they absorb quicker into the bloodstream..

i've heard if you crush tablets it will absorb in the blood stream quicker

Yes, I've heard about this too. Someone also mentioned that travel sickness tablets may stop vomitting if indigested early. I also came across a source suggesting that Diazepam (vallium) stops seizures. I am not sure if this is true..would be great to chat with someone who overdosed on something and survived..

Nembutal (Pentobarbital sodium)

looking to thrill myself and would like a partner guy or gal does not matter im on here cause ive decided this the best option

How do you want to die?

gonna shoot myself

You're in Cali right?

Yes southern california

I WANT to be stabbed to death

I will stab you... where are you located?


Hi I'm 23 living in Northern Ireland and looking for suicide partner. Looking for someone who is also in Northern Ireland. Scared to do this alone :-( email address is cherellehammy@hotmail.co.uk

Sleeping pills: flunitrazepam, nitrazepam, zopiclone.

i was thinking of going to a shooting range id save money on a gun lol like it matters. an someone else has to clean it up. anyone in california prefer so-cal like orange county area.. not 100% comitted on shooting myself i thought of other ways but that one seems the most quick.. heres hoping to find a fellow traveller

this site sucks ass

I'll save you all some time.

1.You will NOT find a valid partner on this site.
2.Acquiring an 'easy' or 'painless' method of suicide is NOT easy and requires a lot of research, time and money.
3.You do NO want to die.

Ray what your email

Jokezeez@yahoo.com sorry joe my reply took long cause I gave up on the site but I guess I'm back I'm still thinking of suicide every day

they say depression is an illness that makes you want to kill yourself but for me depression is facing a reality in which i was living a life which was a lie

I'm with you that it's a reality check. .I've been so deficient and now it's really catching up, once again.

Depression leaches passion for life and leaves black and white insomniac misery. Treatment for it is shocking and it's no wonder people end up taking dirt naps! tiredofitallnowpleaseletmesleepforever.com

I am throwing up a surprisingly hopeful message. I have tried literally every day for 4 long months to secure a partner. I'm probably in the very slim margin of people who are 100% dead serious. In fact, I know I am. Everyone I have met was either full of shit or ended up having a change of heart. (Also, I think this site lost a lot of its followers when it was disabled, though it wasn't for long. That or they were just trolling and got bored, probably so). Anyway, you might ask why doesn't this girl just give it up?? And the answer is that I absolutely need to do this and want to do this, and I need help. I don't have access to a gun, and I can't figure out/acquire everything for the other methods. I will provide company and support if needed. I am asking for somebody to please help me. I am 28 and live in IL, outside of Chicago. I cannot travel. Thank you for your time. nina.sine@yahoo.com

You are throwing up?


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